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Don’t worry you’re not crazy, its just the humidity. It affects everything.

Our skin, our mood , and most unfortunately – our hair. The chemical makeup of our hair is extremely sensitive to airborne moisture. Hair can retain ALOT of the moisture in the air and can swell up to 16% of its natural diameter.. scary.

Well, we can’t hide inside forever. During the early stages of summer all we can do is buckle down and arm ourselves with the correct knowledge and equipment we need to keep from looking poofy.

I’m sure we all word it in different ways – but everyone knows the moment you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and say out loud to your reflection “What. Is. Happening.” (Also very popular – “Why did no one tell me??”). But then you remember , Oh that’s right it’s summer in the south!

Humidity acts quickly and swiftly. While your hair is literally retaining moisture from the air, ironically the reason it is frizzing up is because your hair is TOO DRY. Your hair has a protein called keratin which helps create your hair’s strength and structure. In the summer months we recommend using a touch more conditioner and doing some conditioning treatments to cut down on the amount of moisture your hair wants to pull in.

The keratin has layers that create the diameter of your hair. Once this moisture hits your hair it wedges itself in (quite rudely) between these crucial and delicate layers. Because of damage, dryness, and inflation, you’ll find the structure of your strands looking a little fuzzy.

Keeping hair in check requires a well practiced routine. No one knows your hair better than yourself and your stylist. This routine can be as simple or as complex as you have the time and budget for. Finding what works for you is the hardest part. It’s important to ask questions, do your research and EXPERIMENT! Ask for samples when you are in the salon, so you can try before you buy. More importantly, know the return policy on any products you purchase and if they don’t work for you…TAKE THEM BACK.

Our favorite frizz fighting products at adore hair studio are: PureOlogy’s 21 spray, Bumble and bumble’s Super Straight and Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil (for fine hair). We also love EVO’s Perpetua Shine Drops.

We wish you luck, on your break-up from frizz.  He is a hard one to cut loose, but we know you can do it.


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