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Look Good Naked

Summer is the time to start planning trips to the beach and lazy afternoons by the pool. It is also time to start rearranging our closets, and beauty regiments. We encourage you to vamp up on your sunscreen, and hope you’ll keep your health in mind while considering your options for tanning this summer.

Glowing bronzed skin is a timeless look and in this day and age we have unlimited options for achieving our ideal skin tone. Many feel that they look healthier with a bit of color, but if you go about it the wrong way it you could end up looking like a dried up prune.

With new self-tanning formulas on the market, the use of tanning beds have become obsolete and downright dangerous. The Skin Cancer Foundation has been working since 2013 on raising the public health classification for tanning beds to “Moderate to High Risk”.  Stay as FAR away from them as you can. We beg you.

Ultraviolet radiation is a proven human carcinogen and over the past 3 decades, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined. Although Melanoma accounts for less than 1% of skin cancer cases, it is the vast majority of skin cancer deaths. As terrible as wrinkles are – losing another life to skin cancer is the ultimate worry when it comes to reckless sun exposure.

Don’t forget your yearly dermatology appointment for a full body check. Keep a mental log in your mind of where your existing freckles and markings are on your body. Take notice of any moles that change in size or shape or if any have symptoms of itching, bleeding, or painful. With this information you can perform at-home body scans more regularly, which can help you and your doctor in the event that something strange shows up.

The Skin Cancer Foundation website has the perfect, simple step by step guide on self-examination and we recommend trying it out! This is one extra step in your regular beauty regimen that will never be a waste. Like most cancers, early diagnosis is the biggest key in your road to recovery.

Okay, so we have made our point. But who wants pasty, dry looking skin? We have tried a ton of self-tanners and we are in LOVE with Tan Towels! Each Tan Towel is concentrated with a clear self-tan formula that gives you a quick and even application with no streaking, mess, or fuss. These towels will give you a uniform, natural-looking glow within 2 to 4 hours. If you are not brown enough, well then just apply another towel. Super Easy.

Look good naked, the safe way.

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