Happy New Year!

 In General

What’s new in 2019?  We’ve noticed some fun new trends that we think you need to know about as we head into a new year!

We’re seeing the girl next door natural, lived in color with darker roots a lot here at adore. If you’re still craving those bright blonde highlights, try focusing those pieces just around the face and keeping the root color a few shades darker for a natural lived-in look.  With darker shades we are seeing a lot of red warm undertones added with highlights.

Honey Bronde is a shade that falls somewhere between blonde and brown, giving the illusion of a restful week on the beach without feeling too summery.  This new “go to” color is kept looking fresh by getting a clear glaze done every 6 weeks or so to keep your hair looking glossy through the winter months.

Blunt bobs can be a daring, bold look for those who aren’t afraid to go all out with their hair, or it can be a clean-cut, well-manicured style for the more conservative individuals seeking easy maintenance.  The bob is always a solid look if you can work it.

No fuss lobs with beach waves are still a favorite. A little tousle here, a little texture there and you’re set with the most low-maintenance cut EVER. Ask for a length that just grazes the collarbone, and a little face-framing gives this cut some personality.

Blue pastels and a pale strawberry — almost dusty pink —tones are a big trend in 2019 and are a fun way to keep you from getting bored with your winter color. Plus, they’re a killer way to cover old highlights with minimal damage.

Oversized headbands, hair wraps, jeweled hair accessories, and statement bobby pins are all fun on-trend hair accessories.  Try and create a statement by stacking the pins or forming an ‘X’ behind the ear, on the side, or at the back of the head.  And, yes ladies those zig-zag accordion headbands from the 80’s are back when coupled with a ponytail.  Speaking of ponytails… the high pony is always a great option when you’re in the mood to wear your hair up because it works on all hair textures and elongates your facial features.

Curtain Bangs Curtain bangs blew up all over Pinterest in recent years, and the retro-inspired trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019. If you’ve been debating getting bangs, curtain-like fringe is the perfect intro look because they’re low-maintenance compared to other styles.

These are just a few trends we’ve noticed, but we encourage you to start your own trend.  This year be bold and be daring with your hair.  Why the hell not? Can’t wait to see you all soon.  Happy New Year!!


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