Time to Shimmer and Shine

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Hair Tinsel Is Taking the Fashion World by Storm!

The glittery strands are showing up everywhere from the red carpets of Hollywood to the runways of New York. The thin colorful strands (also called hair shimmers) are made from silk and are applied by simply tying them around the root of several hairs. When tied correctly, hair tinsel can last for weeks and can be washed, blow-dried, and heat styled (up to 400 degrees). Hair tinsel is a great way to stand out on your next night out, show school spirit, or celebrate the upcoming holidays. It’s also perfect for children because it adds color and sparkle without being toxic or permanent. This glamorous look is so easy and affordable, anyone can do it!

Mako Iijima, an acclaimed Japanese hairstylist, describes the process as “knitting,” according to a recent Vogue article. After a client picks a shade from a book of tinsel colors, the hairstylist will search the client’s hair part for a strong, single strand of healthy hair.  The stylist folds the piece of tinsel in half, and with a few quick painless tugs, ties the tinsel to the hair using a slip-knot method.  We are loving adding silver and gold shimmers and it only takes a few to channel your inner Beyonce.

It comes in metallic and rainbow shades, lasts two months before eventually falling out. If you need to de-shimmer in a hurry, they can be pulled out gently or hidden in an up-do.  Kellie Lunsford at our Inman Park Adore location is our Tinsel Queen and is offering 5 for $25 during the holiday season.  Please don’t be boring this year!

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