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So, it’s Valentine’s Day again! How does it roll around so quickly every year? It’s great those years when you have someone. But, for those of you that are single and feel a little out in left field, we’re here for you.  Consider adore your new bestie.

Forget about the Hallmark holiday upon us and let’s talk shop. Girlfriends have been a godsend to me personally throughout the years and having a strong support system to get through and to celebrate life has been invaluable.  Best friends are always there when we need them. They are the ones that help us through heartbreaks, hard times, sickness, and all of the bumps that come with life.  Whether it is laughing until your face hurts, grabbing dinner and a cocktail or just simply chilling…nothing beats time with your girls.

Imagine what life would be like without that 12 AM deep and meaningful conversation with your Bestie? We learn about friendship during a very early stage in life and as we grow, we understand more and more the importance of nurturing these ever so important relationships.

But, what happens when a friendship goes sour?  What happens when you feel hurt or betrayed by a dear friend?   Does the friendship need to end or does it just need a pause?  I have called in the big guns, Relationship Expert Denna Babul to help walk us through the word friendship and what it really means to be a friend.

Meet My Girl Denna Babul

Denna is an award-winning author, a sought after speaker, Huffington Post Blogger, and mother. Denna has appeared on the Today Show and has also been featured in Time and Redbook. She is a weekly contributor to NBC’s Atlanta and Company and has recently announced a new segment entitled Friend to Friend, where she helps friends recover from breakups.

To quote Denna, “In today’s climate we need our friends more than ever.  Do you have a friend that you have lost touch with and you miss them? Perhaps you and a friend had a falling out and with space you have formed enough clarity to revisit the friendship but you just don’t know how to make the first move.  Why is it that we will go to therapy to mend a failed marriage, but we will not seek the help we need to a broken friendship?  We love bringing friendships back together. We need our friends, and I want to get your girl back!”

These are the questions that kept swirling around Denna’s  head when she came up with the idea for this segment. If you are in search of the answers or want a friendemption, contact Denna at  Pose your question via email and she may just ask you to be a guest on Atlanta and Company.


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