OLAPLEX, your new bff.

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We know you’ve been hearing about it from your friends and seeing it in your favorite fashion magazines, but what is it? Well, we’re going to break it down for you.

OLAPLEX is a “bond-perfector” designed to repair the broken links of protein in dry and damaged hair. However, it is NOT itself a protein, so there is no danger of it causing brittleness or damage to the hair if it is overused. Moreover, OLAPLEX is not just an oil or silicone that merely coats the hair. What it is, in short, is nothing short of a miracle…one that’s not just for Hollywood anymore! The stylist’s at Adore Hair Studio have been using OLAPLEX and loving it!

Is OLAPLEX for me?

First of all, OLAPLEX has been tested on virtually every hair type: Asian, African American, Caucasian, color-treated, and even virgin with incredible results. OLAPLEX is ideal for the woman who can’t get blonde enough (you know who you are), who always wants to change their look, brunette to blonde, blonde to redhead and back again, or who has always wanted to “try a little ombre” , but is afraid that lightening will damage her hair. What was once impossible is now possible! When added to a lightener or color, OLAPLEX actually strengthens the bonds of the hair during processing, preventing damage that hair color and bleach would ordinarily cause.

OLAPLEX Is Not Just For Blondes!

Sure, our experts here at adore were turned on to OLAPLEX because of its super power with blondes, but OLAPLEX can benefit just about anyone. Have you been fighting with coarse or frizzy hair? OLAPLEX can be added to your touch up color or used as a treatment by itself with incredible results.

It only takes 3 easy steps that your stylist can do right at the shampoo bowl. First, we add Bond Perfector #1 to your lightener, your color, or straight to the water for the stand alone treatment. After that, we can apply Bond Perfector #2 all over, from root to ends. Finally, you can even take home Bond Perfector #3 to use once a week, to keep your hair soft and amazing! Just make sure you tell the front desk when booking that you want OLAPLEX, so your stylist can make sure you get the full benefit of this incredible new treatment!

So there it is in a nutshell. OLAPLEX could be your hair’s new best friend! #bff

Written by Ashley Williams at adore decatur

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