Ah, Keratin Treatments.

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Keratin, the most confusing and the most seductive of in salon straightening treatments. There’s a lot of marketing, a lot of conflicting information, and a lot of questions derived from the formaldehyde freak out a few years back.

Here are 10 key facts about keratin-

Fact 1: What exactly is a Keratin? A Keratin treatment smooths out the surface of your hair follicles and, depending on how much your stylist uses, releases curls, takes out waves, etc. It makes hair shinier and helps prevent breakage, too. The price ranges from $250 to $400 here at adore hair studio.

Fact 2: Keratin Treatments, do not last forever. All Keratin treatments wash out eventually. Most treatments last about 12 weeks, but it could last up to six months. (The more often you wash, the more quickly hair returns to normal.) We recommend talking to your stylist beforehand to determine maintenance going forward.

Fact 3: Keratin Straighteners Shouldn’t Be Carcinogenic. Typically, if you are getting an authentic keratin treatment in a good salon, it is going to be formaldehyde free or contain a safe amount of formaldehyde (under 0.1%). Ask your stylist for more clarification.

Fact 4: You Can Use Keratin To Remove Frizz, Without Straightening Your Curls. If all you want is a slightly smoother texture, a Keratin treatment can do that, too. They can be tailored by your stylist to just soften and tame your curls.

Fact 5: There Are Different Keratin Treatments For Different Hair Types. It’s not one-size-fits-all. In fact, you don’t want a salon that only offers a single keratin treatment, because it’s probably not the best one for your texture and thickness.

Fact 6: Keratin Works On Straight Hair, Too Got coarse, thick, frizzy hair that’s straight?A Keratin treatment could be your new favorite thing. A light treatment can make it shinier and smoother, so you only have bed head if you actually want it.

Fact 7: Keratin Straighteners Can Save You Time Getting Ready. There are a lot of benefits when it comes to Keratin treatments. If you have curly hair and spend a lot of time straightening your hair every day, or every few days, this could really change your life! Sounds dramatic, but it can save you so much time getting ready.

Fact 8: Keratin Straightening Isn’t (Or At Least Shouldn’t Be) A Super-Intensive Process. All Keratins are different, but generally they should last approximately 3 hours in a salon. Expect to have your hair washed with a clarifying shampoo, the keratin product will then be applied, then you will process, next the product will be blown into your hair until dry, lastly a flatiron will seal the Keratin in. Some of these steps could be switched up a bit depending on the brand of Keratin your stylist uses.

Fact 9: You Can, In Fact, Use Keratin Treatments On Dyed Or Bleached Hair. Sealing Keratin into cuticles can actually repair and strengthen compromised hair and it can make over-processed hair feel healthier. This is when buying a Keratin Treatment on Groupon could be a disaster. You will need a stylist that is super-experienced in Keratins if your hair is damaged.

Fact 10: Maintenance Is The Key! You can shampoo three times a week max, but use a shampoo without Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), which is literally found in laundry soap. Pureology makes a several good Keratin Safe shampoos tailored to your hair type.

Also no good? Salt water and chlorine. Ahhh, just when the summer comes to a close.

Call either of our in-town studios to book your consultation if you think a Keratin Treatment is for you.  Adore Inman Park 404 522-0336 or Adore Decatur 404 377-1007

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  • Donna Davignon

    I’m interested in keratin straightening. My hair is very thick. My hair goes crazy in humidity. I color my hair. . What do you recommend?

    • adore

      You would love a Keratin treatment, just make sure to have your color done 2 weeks prior to the service.

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