Winter’s double hair wrath, Dry and Frizzy Hair.

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Fight winter’s double hair wrath—static and frizzy hair. If you’re prone to both (or either!), here’s our step-by-step guide for making these hair headaches a thing of the past.

Do A WEEKLY Mask Be diligent about doing deep conditioning treatments once a week as frizz is a direct result of dry hair. Dry hair soaks up moisture in the air causing your strands to frizz. Deep conditioning for 10 minutes once a week, helps seal strands and prevents moisture from the air getting into the hair shaft. This conditioning technique will fortify your hair with softness, smoothness, and manageability.  WE LIKE: Pureology’s Perfect 4 Platnium Reconstruct Repair Mask, a great go to mask for fragile hair.

Be Gentle Combing!

For Wet Hair: Use a plastic comb or your fingers when combing your strands. A plastic brush will eliminate tugging, tearing, pulling, and ripping. WE LIKE: The Wet BrushFor Dry Hair: If it’s necessary to detangle your hair when its dry—avoid using a plastic brush or comb as it only makes hair static—go for a metal comb , as they reduce the amount of static in your hair.

Dress Your Strands  To further prevent hair from acting like a sponge and soaking dampness from the air, dress your strands in a protective, soothing coat—regardless if your hair’s dry, curly, or straight. WE KEEP CALM WITH: Moroccanoil Frizz Control For All Hair Types AND WE FINISH WITH: Moroccanoil Treatment.

Dry With Care When drying hair with a towel, blot hair gently as you would your face—don’t twist or rub—as this can break and cause fly-aways. (Tip: Microfiber towels or a soft t-shirt are better alternatives as they cause less friction.) If you’re using a blow dryer, aim the nozzle down along the hair shaft to prevent frizz—never, ever, blow upwards. Also, finish your blow dry with a shot of cold air as this helps close the cuticle.

Cut Drying Time Whenever possible, dry your roots on low heat and avoid drying the ends of your hair to eliminate poof. Even try sleeping on it. We’ve found that drying our hair at night (either fully or slightly) and then sleeping on it, helps calm puffiness and frizz.

Put It Up Try a fun side bun or braid to keep hair away from your face and avoid static build-up caused from your hair rubbing against scarves and sweaters. And, if it gets too bad stop messing with it and grab your favorite winter Burberry hat. Hit the road, Joe.

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