We won’t make you ask.

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We won’t make you ask.

 The salon industry is an intricate, fascinating world. There really is no other industry like it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. From the terminology to the science there are so many layers of education and how-to that it would make your head spin if you tried to write it all down. But, we know many people have questions about the salon world’s inner workings. And like they say; no question is a bad question.


Why am I paying full price for a cut, when all I need is a trim?

This is by far one of the most common questions you are asked in any hair salon. Looking at this question from an outside perspective – we totally understand it and would probably ask the same thing.  Where is the line between a cut and a trim? The art of a cut does not revolve around the amount of hair that is cut, but rather the state in which the remaining hair is left. And true, some cuts are simpler than others. But once again where is the line between a simple cut and a complex one? Who came first, chicken or the egg? We are here to make you feel beautiful – not play with philosophy.


How do I pick a stylist?

THIS is a great, and very underrated question. Your hair is personal and choosing a stylist should be taken seriously. There are people who wish for a simple trim every few weeks and there are people who need to create a partnership with a stylist on their quest to amazing hair. A few typical questions we ask when finding the right stylist for you would be: What type of hair do you have? How does it behave? Where are you right now with your hair, and where do you want it to be? Our front desk is the perfect team to find you the right stylist for you because they see first-hand what each stylist is known for delivering.  We like to think of our front desk team as Hair Matchmakers.


Should I book an appointment or a consultation?

For your first time seeing a stylist, you can either book the appointment for the services you desire or you can book a complimentary 15- minute consultation. This question is typically for color services. This ultimately depends on how comfortable you are, not only with the stylist but also with yourself. While some know exactly what they want, many people have generalized ideas and need second opinions.  Our stylists and colorists breathe, eat, and sleep hair so chances are – they could have a different twist on your idea that you might love!  When coming in for a consultation or a first-time appointment, a picture is worth a thousand words.  We love Pinterest for our clients to draw inspiration and ideas from.


Where does pricing come from?

Hairdressing is a trade just like any other. You can compare it to almost any other specific technician, not every worker is created equally. Some have been doing their craft for 20+ years, and some for 2. You must take many factors into account such as training, classes completed, number and quality of the schools attended. However, in hairdressing there are many qualities you need to consider that are unique to other trades. Such as dedication, compassion, and a deep natural yearning for constant continuing education. Our own adore team creates their individualized price lists and the Economics of Supply and Demand plays a huge part in pricing.


How far in advance do I need to book?

Only you know your schedule and flexibility.  Depending on YOUR schedule as well as how quickly your stylist books up will tell you how far exactly to book out. Our generally recommended scheduling technique for anyone is always to book ONE ahead. When you leave your current appointment, book your next. Now if your schedule is limited we suggest to book two ahead. “After Work” appointments or Saturday appointments are the first to go, so if that is your best time to schedule we suggest to always stay two ahead.  Even if you need to modify your appointments in the future – at least you are on the books. You will be at the top of that stylist’s cancelation list as opposed to someone attempting to get in last minute. It also doesn’t hurt to have your stylist’s cell phone number and/or email in case of any emergency appointments or last minute cancelations.


Why do you need a 24 hour cancelation policy and a 15 minute late policy?

It might sound a bit dramatic – but stylists eat, sleep and breathe around their work schedules. Their schedules determine a lot of decisions around their personal lives and when a client “No Shows” it heavily impacts their day as well as their bottom line.  We ask for 24 hours if you need to cancel an appointment, so that we can attempt to call other clients on their waiting lists.  We realize that last minute things come up, so if you need to cancel last minute, we will graciously understand.

The most important thing to remember about a 15 minute late policy is that it is for both the stylist as well as YOU.  Arriving on time not only affects your stylist’s day, but also those that are scheduled after you. Many clients need every minute of their appointment and who wants their hair rushed? No one ever.


Why Adore Hair Studio?

Adore is the senior stylists promise land. Our salon is where stylists strive to work while they are in school, apprenticing, or even at a few salons along hair ladder. What makes Adore different is the way we run our business. We do not take any stylists right out school, or without a clientele. We attract a business minded stylist and treat them with respect by offering them an opportunity to run their own business under our brand. We do not rank our stylists like most salons – because they are all established senior stylists to us.

We also take ALOT of pride in hiring a variety of stylists who specialize in the different aspects of hairdressing.  No matter your hair type or style, we have someone here for you and you cannot go wrong choosing our salon – we are ready for anything!  We believe the happier the stylist, the better the overall atmosphere, and therefore better hair that will walk out of our doors.  Our group loves what they do, and it shows time after time.
















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