Say I do.

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Saying I Do.

The Wedding Day- It is your day, so do whatever the h-e-double hockey sticks- you want. This day can cost you a lot of time and sanity, so we recommend heading straight to the professionals.

Do your research.

With all the social media available today, you can spend weeks, even months, online scoping out hundreds of different styles and inspirations. They say your hair shouldn’t compete with your dress, it should complement it. Our advice is to say “YES” to the dress first and then head straight to your stylist to consult about your wedding day hairdo.

It’s wise to bring in a photo of your wedding dress to your consultation as your hair can either enhance or deter from the look you’re trying to achieve. We advise in scheduling as many trial runs as you need to feel comfortable with your hair and makeup before your big day.

Trust In Your Stylist

Spend some time looking at all the different styles posted online. We advise creating a Pinterest page in order to keep your ideas in one convenient place. Even if you don’t love everything about a picture, keep it saved for inspiration as it can spark an idea with the creative gurus aka, your beloved stylist.

A trained stylist will know what is going to last, what is going to look good in pictures as well as in person. This is not their first rodeo, so listen to them when they give advice. Keep in mind that not all trends and fads will last or look good in the future when you’re showing younger generations your wedding photography.

Plan for the Worst

Think of it as insurance for a magical night. You will feel more at peace knowing you have secured back up plans, and are ready for anything. Whether it be an alternative location in case of rain or even an alternative lipstick. It might be worth talking to your “team” about what you can do if the weather takes a last minute turn or even worse your hair has a less than perfect moment.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a beauty team on deck for the entire wedding, consider talking to both your makeup artist as well as your hair stylist about little tips and tricks to clean up a possible smear or a frizz disaster. You can easily put together a small kit or two for your maid of honor to carry in case you’re in need of a bobby pin to tuck away fly aways or an oil blotting sheet to blot away excess oil before pictures. If possible, bring her along for the consultations too, she may be a stand in glam squad member for your big event.

There are so many things to stay on top of when planning a wedding, which leaves room for mistakes. Remember what this day is for, don’t get so wrapped up in floral arrangements and seating charts that you are not fully present on one of the best days of your life. The better you plan, the more time you can spend basking in the love of your family and friends around you. Cheers!

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