Is your color taking you nowhere?

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We’ve all been there, you look in the mirror and see dull, drab, going nowhere color.

We’re not sure exactly why that is, but we all like walking out of the salon feeling and looking all freshened up. It’s kinda like a perfect new little black dress or that specific feel good smell right after it rains.

You can’t always visit us as often as you’d like for a color appointment…So, we wanted to share our favorite trick to help keep your color fresh. Evo Fabuloso – a color deposit conditioner that comes in 7 different shades to perfectly match and balance your existing color. This product is a MUST have for anyone that colors their hair.

So why does your color fade or lose its vibrancy? It could be a number of things such as excessive shampooing, heating tools, or environmental issues such as harsh chemicals in water. UUUGH, chlorine! Most of us color our hair every 6 to 8 weeks and the best way to keep your color looking fresh, (except NEVER washing it.. which doesn’t that sound amazing?) is to utilize color deposit treatments between appointments.

Color deposit treatments can prolong your next salon visit for a number of weeks as long as you are not trying to cover gray. These color intensifying treatments come as shampoos and conditioners, but we head straight for the conditioners because the tone is more likely to be deeply deposited into your strands. Evo’s Fabuloso conditioners are conditioning enough to leave the hair smooth and moisturized, unlike shampoos which can be drying and usually demand a conditioning treatment after.

We recommend using gloves, and a dark towel to dry your hair afterwards. You must consult with your stylist about which shade would help to enhance your color! You would be surprised how shades of these color deposits react with existing color. Do not, we repeat do not run out and buy one of these treatments from a beauty store with out a proper consultation as this could ruin your existing color. This is a testament to how well they work.

Use these treatments just as you could a typical conditioner. Wash with a color safe shampoo and make sure to rinse with warm water. Apply conditioner starting at the ends and work your way up but do not take the product all the way to the root. Let this sit for at least 5 minutes before rinsing with cool water. Color deposit conditioners are honestly life savers, but are not necessary to your every day beauty routine. Some months you may need to use it 2-3 times, and other months maybe once or not at all! It all completely depends on how your color is doing and we recommend keeping a bottle at home because when you need it, you dang sure need it.

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