Hair Botox Anyone?

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Hair Botox Anyone?

Summer is coming sooner than you think, and for our frizzy haired girls – humidity is an issue we are all too aware of. The end all for taming manes has always been keratin treatments. But the science of hair is always evolving! We are welcoming Hair Botox into our studio for those who need a BIT more than just a simple keratin.

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh great, we’re sticking needles into the scalp now??” And thankfully – No! It’s just a clever name. We do our fair share of keratin treatments here at Adore, and we are constantly reading and doing research on the newest brands, styles and tips to better the application and the wear of these treatments.

What differs between regular keratin treatments and Hair Botox? The treatment was named after the very popular procedure which is typically injected in the face. And while the visual effects can be compared there are no similar chemicals between the two. What makes the difference is the deeper benefits from the treatment. Hair Botox serves as an alternative treatment that not only strengthens the hair, but structurally repairs damage to the hair and works to prevent future damaging. Unlike most keratins, the focus of Hair Botox is not just to alter the structure of the strand but to infiltrate the strand – to provide intense moisture, restore gloss, and to overall improve the hair’s condition.

Hair Botox is a safe treatment made up of a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, and collagen. The specific brand we have chosen to use here at Adore is called Kashmir Hair System, one of the leading keratin companies that has taken the salon industry by storm. The secret is in the microscopic particles, which encourage the absorption of the vitamins, antioxidants, and proteins into the hair. The ingredients in Hair Botox is what really makes it stand out! Unlike some keratins, Hair Botox is natural and safe for your hair. This treatment does not cause underlying damage that shows up later nor does it permanently alter your natural texture.

Unlike typical keratins, this system treatment is not limited to any specific hair type. In fact, there aren’t many who can’t benefit. The possibilities are almost endless. Besides repairing damage to the hair shaft, the formula in Hair Botox systems can help prevent hair loss, eliminate dander, protect against UV rays and smooth textured hair. Rarely do we meet someone who has NO damage to their hair. Whether it is color, heating tools, heavy wind and sun, or certain hair products, these factors can damage hair. Split ends can be mended, and volume can be created.

One of the beautiful bonuses of this treatment is the low up keep. You see the results immediately, and there is no waiting or curing time after. Just remember to use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners! Typically Hair Botox lasts up to about 6 months. Interested? Chadd Jonesmith at our Inman Park location is the man for you.

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