VIVIDS, Anyone?

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If you sit back and think, over 75% of American women dye their hair in some form of manner – of course we are eventually going to branch out and try something unnatural at some point. We all want to be innovative and different. To push the lines of conformity and use our imaginations. Not to mention, society is changing and unnatural hair colors (VIVIDS) are becoming more and more common in the work place.

This trend is entirely about imagination, and creativity. So while there are miles and miles of room for new ideas – there are a few popular styles and techniques that seem to be making its way around.

Oil Slick Technique
This technique is perfect for those who would like to keep a ting of normalcy. While you can incorporate many different colors, the shades are well blended, toned down and usually kept darker. Cool shades of green, purple, and blue are applied so they resemble the pretty swirl of a rainbow.

Mermaid Hair
Mermaid hair is where all the fun starts! This is a bit of an umbrella term, as it can involve many different color schemes. Blends of vibrant, cool-toned, sea-inspired colors like sea foam green, cerulean, turquoise, and even magenta and orchid. Depending on your existing color, a decent lift may be required. Balayage (hair painting) is usually the best way to achieve this color.

Dip Dye
In this technique, the ends of your hair look like they’ve been dipped in a contrasting color. Typically this is done with neon colors such as hot pick, vibrant green, and bright yellow. This is the perfect tip toe into the world of vivid color, as you can keep your natural hair color if you’d like, and simply contrast the ends with a complimentary vivid color.

Rose Gold
This lush, romantic hair color is a blend of gold and copper. To achieve rose gold hair, your colorist will lighten your hair via bleaching or painting until it reaches a golden shade. Afterward, a tinted gloss is applied to your hair to give it the rose gold or golden-copper shade. Although gorgeous – this is arguably the hardest color to maintain. Make sure to check with your stylist about proper toning and upkeep!

Consider this the sneaky way to pull off a wild hairstyle. Instead of showcasing your wild side in plain view, with underlights, the vivid color is hidden below the top layers of hair.

Oh, Vivids are a process!
Typically vivid colors are a 2 to 3 step process, depending on your existing color. You obviously need a clean slate to start with. This typically begins with hair painting bleach in the appropriate areas, in a very specific way to help achieve a blended look. Some areas may need to process longer, or may need to be toned before applying colors. The lighter the color, the more accurate the vivid color will turn out. You also have to keep in mind – that when applying two vastly different colors such as a dark shade and a light shade that the stylist has to be very careful not to mix the two. In situations where a dark root and a light tip are necessary, many stylists prefer to touch up each color individually.

So you’ve taken the plunge. You’ve dyed your hair your favorite shade of blue. Now what?
One of the most important things about Vivids- is TAKING CARE OF IT! Without the proper treatment and care your luxurious mermaid swirl will end up looking like swamp water. Just like any other investment, its a waste if it’s not properly taken care of. Talk to your stylist about products and tips to get the most out of your color. Whether it’s a color deposit conditioner, a regular tone or glaze – or just learning about the fading process of your vivid.

Your color will evolve and change over time – and that isn’t always a bad thing! Beautiful shades of purple, red, and blues can fade slightly to lighter colors – and as long as it remains toned and well blended you can postpone your next color a week or two. Don’t forget about the health of your hair as well! Remember to instill treatments such as masks and our favorite – Olaplex in your hair care routine.

You can buy all the products in the world, but the most important thing to learn is to not over wash your hair. Utilize products such as dry shampoo and dry conditioner to prolong your wash. Many will wear shower caps, to not get their hair wet in the shower. When you do wash, always use a sulfate-free shampoo and remember to seal in the moisture and color with cool water when rinsing your hair.

VIVIDS are exactly what you make of them. They can be as bright and funky, or as cool and confidant as you imagine them. Take color inspiration from the world around you and start a Pinterest page and pin away until you find that EXACT color that speaks to your soul.

Don’t settle — life is too short to have boring hair!

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