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Remember when it was hip not to care about your appearance? Yeah, we don’t either.

This isn’t vanity gentlemen, this is self-expression and representation. But nothing stops our beating hearts like a man with a really on point coiffure. Whether it be less time in the morning styling, or if you would like to come in less often and practice growing it out – talk to your stylist about what exactly you are looking for. They can help you find a look that makes you look groovier than you are-because really isn’t that we are all trying to do? Be cool?

The Look: Old School / Brushed Up–This is a great look for someone who wants longer hair, but wants to keep his overall look tight and tidy. The harsh contrast of a close-shaved side buzz emphasizes the long hair on top. Although the hair is left a little longer, the sides stay trimmed very close to the face keeping it looking polished, yet stylish. Typically, the longer top hair will be blown up, or brushed up, giving it an effortless airiness.brushed up


The Look: Angular Fringe–Inspired by a popular trend among male models in 2014, the Angular Fringe is a re-emerging style that exudes a sense of unexpected edginess. With tapered sides and a long, swooping angle of fringe in the front and on top, this look quickly becomes a defining statement piece. Different length is key in this style to create choppy, layered bangs. Maintenance is relatively simple as this look can be grown out for a little as long as it is styled properly.

angular fringe


The Look: Side Part Pompadour–Making a definite comeback, the Pompadour has been a historic fashion statement for many years. This style generally has a long top with buzzed sides that emphasizes the high mound at the front of the head. Voluminous and lively, this look offers a strong, envied presence. While this look is not simple, it is a legendary look that all men should experience at some point in their lives!

side part pom


The Look: Hard-Part Undercut–Like the Brushed Up and Pompadour, the Hard-Part Undercut can belong to any style with a longer top and buzzed sides, but stands out with a shaved line on the scalp where the hair parts. This style screams edge and personality by just adding one intense line. Styling is necessary yet quite simple with a good pomade and simple comb.

hard part


We realize that guys don’t actually get told they’re handsome, have great facial hair, smell fantastic, and so on nearly enough… Well that’s too bad! We want you to turn heads and feel good about doing so. We won’t tell anyone because you’ve always been really, really cool to us.

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