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Nine years ago this month, we opened our first adore hair studio location in Inman Park and what an exciting adventure it has been. Opening a small business is tough. Real tough. We opened in 2006 right before the recession of 2007 and it was a slow start, but I didn’t know anything different. I continued to work hard, attracted an immensely talented group of professionals and remained focused on becoming a successful player in the Atlanta salon market. Looking back, I think half of the battle was thinking I (adore) was successful before it even was. The company continued to grow, then thrived and now here we are 9 years and 2 locations later.

The adore business model was designed to afford those on our team the ability to create their own success, their own way. Watching this model work and witnessing those around me become successful both professionally and personally has continuously moved me over the past nine years. I have grown, I have calmed, and most importantly, I am more thankful than ever.

I am honored that our adore team, over 30 hand-picked individuals, have chosen to call adore home. What delights me the most is not the numbers and the success, rather it is the type of person that adore attracts. They are ambitious, they are talented, they are diverse, and they all have a story. Most importantly, they are all solid, good people. Working alongside these successful individuals provides me with a tremendous amount of contentment and because of them I am often reminded about the true meaning of success.

I asked each of them to describe to me what the word success meant to them and here it is, in their own words. I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse of what I graciously get to see every day.

Ashley Akley was touched by the late Maya Angelou, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Philippa Moseley, “When a client tells me I have made their day even just a little bit better.” Cameron Harris, “Success is defined by creative expression with my clients’ hair, while building lasting and trusted relationships.” Kyle Wilcox defines it as, “Reaching a point in my professional and personal life where I am giving back more than I am taking in.” Mandy Curtis, “Knowing that I have done my absolute best is success to me. As well as low humidity combined with great hair.” Katy Owen borrows Leonardo da Vinci’s words, “People of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” Julian Brown believes success is “Loving what you are doing.” Ashley Williams, “Success is always striving towards your full potential, to pursue and capture your passion. Realizing the things that drive you will change, but the ability to adapt and go forward is true success.” Jill Palmer articulates, “Recognizing the good in who I am and continuing to make choices that add value to my life is success to me.” Kimberly Montegelli, “Success to me is doing what I love and having the flexibility to spend true quality time with my family each and every day.” Lucy Saltmarsh defines it as, “Success is making a living from something you are passionate about.” Kerry Roy, “Finding something in life that you love to do, that serves others, and affords you the things in life you require is success.” Stephanie Erxleben borrows a quote from Steve Martin, “Be SO good, they can’t ignore you.” Kellie Lunsford, “Being happy and making people feel good every day is what success means to me.” Jamie Malfeo, “Success is when you work your hardest to reach your goals, yet always strive to improve. It is a constant work in progress.” Louie Lieberman attributes his personal and professional success to, “Learning, listening, and the integrity to follow through with care and gratefulness.” Kelsey Chlopecka, “Success is having the ability to be able to wake up every day and be totally in love with what I chose for my career.” Jennifer Bauer defines it as, “Showing as much love and kindness as we can to those around us every day, even those who do not show us the same.” Lynn Norman is adamant that, “Dressing up in wigs and throwing up gang signs is epic success.” John Trunnell defines success as, “Little details toward a goal that turn into a huge accomplishment, resulting in a feeling of pride.” Kelsey Womack feels, “Success to me is doing everything I can to provide for my family, while still remaining true to my beliefs as a person.” Jamael believes success means, “Be truly happy with the life you are living, no matter what life that is.” Jessica Wright, “Success is going after what you want, letting nothing stand in your way, and knowing the hustle will always prevail.” Malaika Picard-Lewis, “Defining success is ever-evolving, but others’ happiness equals my success.” Allison Barbagelatta believes in, “Being happy with what you are doing regardless of the amount of money you make doing it.” Claudia Perez, “Success is the ability to find joy in every aspect of one’s life.” Abby Andree articulates, “Success is a point where income meets passion and lifestyle and personal goals are realized.” Dana Walker, “Reaching a point in life where you are happy just where you are, feeling good about the risks you took to get there and confident about living life on your own terms.” Grace Kim, “Success is being a better YOU today than you were yesterday.” Stephanie Kolb, “Success is achieving one’s personal goals, no matter how big or how small.” Katie Ballard, “When I have achieved the ultimate balance of life and financial stability while creating my art alongside talented, skilled, and likeminded people.” Shannon Kyle, “Success is reaching your full potential by working towards something you love doing.” Steven Dobbs, “When you are compassionate towards people, have a passion for what you do and a desire to give your best efforts in all circumstances.”


“For me Success is realizing the people and undertakings I am passionate about are not randomly accidental, rather they are my calling.”-Shelly Williams, Owner.

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