Our Saint and Savior, Dry Shampoo

 In General

We all know it’s unhealthy to wash your hair too often, but many of us just plain don’t want to anyway. Then there’s blow drying, completely re-styling it and just… ugh. Just not in the mood. Thankfully, dry shampoo – or variations of it – have been around since the late 15th century.  Long gone are the days of corn starch and baby powder as science has made it easy for us.  It’s not because we’re feeling lazy… it’s for the health of our hair!

Dry shampoo absorbs the unnecessary oils from your scalp while leaving enough healthy oil in your hair. They can prolong your hair style and help prevent color fading caused by frequent washing and if used appropriately, dry shampoo can also add texture and volume. This means, no more limp drab roots. Halleluiah! Many stylists here in the studio use it to create body and it’s a go to product for adding enough grit for a formal or impromptu up-do.

The big complaint about dry shampoo, what stumps most, – is that many, especially when applied incorrectly, can cause white build up on the scalp. This is especially a struggle for people with darker hair, but this is completely preventable in many ways! The biggest reason this can happen is the lack of distance from your scalp to the aerosol bottle. You need to hold the bottle about 10-12 inches away from you, and make sure you are lifting large sections at a time to spray throughout. The best way to prevent product build up is to apply the powder directly to a paddle hair brush, preferably with boar bristles and brush at the root only. The boar bristles help to distribute the powder and blend it in. It’s best to work the product in with your fingers and to give the product a few minutes to soak up the oils. Using a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month will help cleanse the scalp of any product build up. Just remember, like with most products, a little goes a long way!

Dry shampoos are typically broken down into 2 different types, aerosol and powder. Which one you choose is completely up to your personal preference – neither is better or worse. We love our dry shampoo here at Adore and we carry many different brands and types in both forms. We have our always tried and true, Pureology Dry Shampoo & Conditioner, and Evo Water Killer –all aerosol. We also love the Moroccan Oil tinted dry shampoo, in both light and dark color shades. What’s amazing about tinted dry shampoos, is that it causes little to no white color build up on your hair and it can even act as a root cover up for those us who have a few more days until our next color appointment!

Recently, we are loving Bumble & bumble’s pret-a-powder, a non-aerosol dry shampoo. This product smells amazing, with not too strong of a fragrance -just a little hint of freshness. They added to the to the pret-a-powder product line family here recently, providing the consumer with 2 aerosol versions of the original product. What differs pret-a-powder is that it is much more than just a dry shampoo. The new aerosols are UV protective, used as style extenders and come in two formulas one for normal to oily hair and one for dry hair or damaged hair.  A tip from an adore stylist is to use the nourishing one for dry hair just on your ends after a blow-dry. Voila!  Dry shampoos can act as a perfect finisher too.

Whatever you choose, a good dry shampoo is a must have for our vanities ladies.

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