Rose Gold, we dare you.

 In Hair Trends

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen the rose gold trend.  It’s everywhere!

We’ve seen it on the fashion runways, home accessories, jewelry, and now hair.

The rose gold hair color is definitely the latest “it” shade with celebs. From blondes to brunettes, there are a variety of ways to rock this shade. This color can work on most people, but before jumping right in you need to educate yourself.

It takes a certain personality to wear this look and it takes a certain technique to get rose gold right. Be warned, that it could either turn out gorgeous or make someone look like they have lost their marbles.  Our stylists can advise what’s right for you based on your individual style, and skin tone.

This can be a great color option for women that tend to stay on the safe side of color because rose gold is an alternative neutral, but not too funky.  It is a cool shade and it’s not to be confused with strawberry blonde. It should not appear pink or brassy.  A fun option for this color is to use it as a highlight instead of the pink and the blue hues we’ve seen in seasons past.

The soft reflections of the peach and coppery hues in this color reflect beautifully on any skin tone if you are willing to give it a go. It can warm up cool skin tones while giving a more vibrant glow to those with already an already sun kissed complexion.

We dare you.

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