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When you’re a hairstylist in a city, you know the joys and of gaining new clients and the disappointment losing loyal ones. Many times graduations, jobs, and spouses move your favorite clients across the country, and as they are walking out the door of their last hair appointment , they always turn around and say “ HEY! I forgot to ask you, do you know any awesome hairstylists in the city I am moving to?!” 

While LOTS of hairstylists follow lots of other stylists on Instagram, we ALL know how tricky the internet can allow people to be! What you see on someones page might NOT be truly representative of the work they produce on the daily behind the chair.  And the LAST thing you want to do is send your client to someone that completely DESTROYS what you have been working to create for some time!

This is where Painted Babes USA steps in to help!

Our goal is to build a SOLID list of overly qualified TOP hairstylists , WITH COMPLETE AND PROFESSIONAL INSTAGRAM PROFILES, in each city and connect clients who are relocating OR just visiting, to these stylists! We feature each hairstylist on our Instagram and website. Specific marketing is done for each stylists’ individual city and lots of research is done to find the MOST TRENDY places and clients to target in our marketing of each stylist!

We also publish a blog on each stylists that tells a little about them, their hair journey, their favorite thing about hair, their favorite products and finally, their favorite places to frequent in their city! This allows for clients to feel as if they know the stylist a little more and helps clients select the right person for them!

We JUST LAUNCHED so, as we are growing, we will only feature 1-2 stylists from each city. However, as we get more subscribers, we will expand and feature multiple stylist- depending on the size of the city and the demand for finding a new stylist!

If you are a stylist, GET IN FIRST AND SEE THE BENEFITS THE MOST!  You  can sign up for a membership at and get ready to be featured ALL OVER our social media!

if you are a relocating client, you can subscribe at to stay up to date as stylists are added and have the list handy for the next time you are in a new city and need a Top Stylist that is a SURE THING!

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