Our Beach Bag is Better than Yours.

 In General

Picture this. You’re escaping reality for a few days to relax with friends and family. You’re golden and glistening in the warmth of the sun. You’re wearing a floppy hat, over-sized sunnies and one of those- cute and slimming mom one pieces- that are seriously trending right now. There’s a dog-eared paper back resting in your lap as your take a slow glance up at the calm crashing waves. Let’s just pretend this moment will last forever.

Returning home back to real life with lobster red skin, dry lips, and worn out highlights is never a good look! So, let’s make sure we have everything we need to get the most of our time away.  This month we are here to spill some of our beach bag secrets!


Let’s get the obvious out of the way first, our skin. We should all be wearing SPF every day, so this category is not new to us – but we should really ramp it up when we know we’re spending extra time basking in the sun. Now we aren’t just slapping some suntanning oil (WHO USES THAT ANYWAY) on our backs and calling it a day… we are focusing on our most sun-sensitive areas. Areas you don’t commonly think of. Our ear lobes, our lips, the tops of our feet, and don’t forget to reapply to those precious hands of yours. We listed a few of our fav specialty SPF products to share with you that will keep you sun safe, from head to toe.

For lips, Fresh Sugar Sport Lip Treatment. A durable, water-resistant treatment ideal for on-the-go use that moisturizes and provides UV protection to the lips, face, and eye area during year-round outdoor activities. Not to mention how easily compact they are!

For face, Coola Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Tint. A lightly tinted, broad-spectrum SPF 30 mineral sunscreen with antioxidant benefits and a matte finish that is ideal for normal to oily skin. The perfect medium of protection and a little coverage. This works as a shine control and can even function as a primer under other makeup.

For body, EltaMD UV Physical Broad Spectrum SPF 41 Sunscreen provides sun protection and lightly tints your complexion to enhance the skin’s radiance. Lightweight and fragrance-free, this mineral sunscreen won’t clog pores and is gentle on sensitive skin.  We also like Sea Star Sparkle spf 50 gold glitter sunscreen. This is the fun alternative from regular sunscreen! With 50+ SPF coverage, it gets the job done and who doesn’t love a little sparkle? This sunblock is infused with gold shimmer, has a mango scent, and is PABA & paraben free.

Protect your hair, PLEASE!

We’re huge fans of Bumble and Bumbles Hairdresser’s Oil line year- round, but the summer is when it really shines (pun intended). While the line is not exclusive, meaning you don’t have to use the entire line, you should throw a bottle of Hairdresser’s Oil Primer in your beach bag. This product contains UV filters that protect the hair and color against the sun, while keeping your color fresh and your hair super moisturized. It also works as a smoothing lotion and a detangler! Speaking of detangling, our favorite on the go brush is Wet Brush’s Mini Pop Up Fold brush. Like all wet brushes, they come in fun colors and they also include a compact mirror. This perfect compact brush can fit in the palm of your hand and can untangle even the most mangled tresses gracefully!


Now that we’ve gotten our serious business out of the way let’s focus on one of our favorite beach accessories – cocktails! Lately we have been trying all the new portable rose’ cans! So cute and so refreshing. But rose’ isn’t new is it? What’s fun right now, is the new Spiked Seltzers! Made exclusively from purified water and natural ingredients, and the infused flavors are derived from cold-pressed citrus essence from a variety of fruits. The result is clean and clear without the sugary sweetness—figure friendly😊.  We also like the new drink Bubly sparkling water, with a lime for a non-alcoholic choice.


While the crash of the salty waves is melodic enough when lounging quietly, sometimes you need some fun jams playing in the background to make things perfect. Finding the right portable speaker is important and the best we’ve found is the JBL Flip 4. Waterproof, Bluetooth capable, voice assistance integration (Siri or Google Now).  And, this speaker is, surprisingly loud. You can connect 2 smartphones, supports up to 12 hours of play time and you can literally submerge this speaker in water.

Slay the rays on your beach getaway, enjoy your time away…YOU deserve it!



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