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Years ago I had the great pleasure to meet a woman named Kerry Roy.  She was poised, confident, highly skilled in her craft, and always dressed to perfection.  To me, I thought she was living her true self.  After working together with Kerry now for over 8 years, I understand that he wasn’t in fact doing so and witnessing and supporting his transition has been an invaluable lesson to me as a human.  He has taught all of us at adore hair studio what it means to be truly courageous.

I am honored to know you Kerry and all of us at adore support and love you to death-Dude.

Love, Shelly


“My name is Kerry. I am a transgender male.
I had to transition after living as a female for 52 years.
I needed to transition to male to feel like my true self. The person I had felt like since the age of 5.
I was tired of the enormous weight of the secret I had been carrying.
Many of us struggle for decades, to become the people we really want to be.
To escape the limitations, tags, labels, brands, and stereotypes.
Living in a hyper gendered world was then, and still is common.
The gender reveal parties, act like a lady, gender specific toys.
Pink is for girls, blue is for boys.
Living with that level of expectation is daunting for someone like myself.
The gender dysphoria.  The feeling that ones gender does not match the sex that was assigned at birth.
In many cases, mine included, we turn to self destruction.
Through drugs, alcohol, promiscuous behavior. sometimes not fully understanding why, or what is happening.
The choice to transition is one often non-negotiable.
For some it is a matter of life and death.
For me, once I understood my options, my decision was made.
I would spend countless days and, nights unsure of how my decision would affect my life,
and the lives of those around me.
I started my transition 3 years ago on Oct 6, 2015.
I can say,  I have never been happier. I am living as the man in which God created me to be.
The “gray” area of not being perceived as male is finally behind me.
I am grateful for all of the information that is available. I started this journey with no script.
I was consumed with reading everything to gain knowledge of the road ahead.
I will close by saying, we are all the same. Ones looks, sexual preference, gender, race, are only what is on the outside. It is the heart that matters. I can sleep at night knowing that my heart is pure and, with good intention.
Don’t give up on becoming the real you.
Even if no one you know can understand.
One life, live it!”
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  • Deborah

    I love you, Ker!

  • dale potts

    Your story is beautiful… The person you are now and then I truly respected then and NOW.
    Your friend,

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