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We’ve been begging for months, and summer is finally here! We can’t complain too much in the south, thankfully we don’t have to suffer through too much winter. But, we all know summers in the ATL are pure magic. Think slightly less traffic and warm sun on your face, but please don’t forget your sunscreen!

This month we’re focusing on making a house a home and we want to share some of the hot home designs of this summer.  Think powerful warm colors and pastels! Fun throwback pieces, glowing and maybe a little even glitter. Imagine childlike wonder in a modern sense. We’re going festival chic all summer – sorry not sorry!


Macramé, fringing, tufting, tassels, feathers.  We have been loving them on décor accessories such as wall hangings, throws and rugs. Giving a warmth and home-y feeling to a DRAB living space. Think clean cotton bohemian and leave your shoes at the door dude. Namaste.


We told you we were feeling some childlike wonder this season! Don’t worry, we haven’t completely lost our minds. Ice cream and unicorn colors are only a fun funky revamp of pastels, which are perfect for accent pieces. How far you choose to take this trend is up to your comfort level. This can be a big simple brightly colored glass vase on a dining table, or fun mix and match place settings. Even better, a fun new patio set. Complete with a tray of fresh lemonade (vodka, totally optional.)


Reoccurring from 2017, we just couldn’t let go of this trend. It’s all about the kitchen backsplash tiles, cushions, and rugs. Shoot, even shower curtains. A bold design to a striking effect, this is a modern clean cut way to add a fun dimension to an otherwise boring household item all while maintaining a neutral color palette.


With increasing news in health benefits, designers have been encouraging more houseplants in every room of your house! The more the merrier. Hanging plants for a front patio or above shelves. Leafy beauties for mantle pieces and bare coffee tables. They can be paired with a likeminded lush green accent furniture like an arm chair or textured rug for added interest. Be sure to find a plant that matches your green thumb.  We’re really into succulents here at adore right now.


An antidote to the pastel tones, another color on trend is inky-blues. Again this can be shown on an accent wall or by adding an artistic accessory. Since indigo isn’t quite as funky or overwhelming as a pastel, this trend can be utilized in a bigger mixture of styles. We suggest bolder pieces, even antique vibes such as a repainting an old dresser in a hue of indigo or even \ paint your favorite room NAVY.


Another replay from 2017 we just couldn’t give up (and may never) is the metallic trend. Softer than silver, gold can be brought out in paint or in metal finishes. We love to see gold detailing in things like door knobs, light fixtures, and picture frames. A dramatic wall color can really show off the bold. Who doesn’t love the electric, and classic feel of a gold embellishment? Wood furnishings with brass and gold leaf accents give a beautifully subtle take on a sophisticated, yet understated addition to any room.


You can’t deny a lot of these trends don’t fall stray from hair trends.  Are we starting to see a pattern here?? Who wants to come home from the salon with fab hair, to a drab boring home? Um, no one.  We will continue to take care of your hair as long as your promise to try and make your house a home!


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