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New Years is hands down the most inspirational and motivating time of the year. This is the time to look within for plans of self-improvement or for making positive changes in your life. But why stop there? Why not give back to others too! Donating your long overgrown ponytail can not only help others, but what better way to start a new year!

So you’ve decided to take the plunge, that’s the first step. The next step is figuring out the best hairstyle, the best stylist, and the best charity to donate to. Well we can help with all 3!!

Here are a few of our favorite non-profits we go to when our clients wish to donate their hair.

Wigs for Kids. This Michigan based company works with children suffering from cancer, alopecia and other medical issues. It started over 30 years ago by a hairstylist whose niece was diagnosed with leukemia, and he simply wanted to help. He worked with doctors and prosthetics specialists to devise a hairpiece that would withstand typical kid activities, such as swimming, gymnastics, and even sleep overs. They designed a wig that adheres to the scalp under the most aggressive conditions as every strand of hair was hand-tied. Eventually the stylist closed down his salon and created what is now Wigs for Kids and this organization has been helping kids feel confident since 1981.

Specifications: Minimum of 12 inches of hair, clean and dry, and cannot be color treated or permed. It takes 6 to 10 ponytails to make a wig.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Beautiful Lengths is partnered directly with the American Cancer Society, and has donated over 42,000 wigs to their wig bank to date. Pantene is also partnered with HairUWear, one of the leading natural wig creators. Created in July of 2006 – over 800,000 ponytails have been donated so far. They run a social media campaign called 8 Inches, or 8 Dollars with the hashtag #8for8 offering the simple strategy of donating either 8 inches of hair, or $8 for the cause. I mean really, who’s going to miss $8? Pantene Beautiful Lengths also has a super easy website that helps with any donation specifications or recommendations.

Specifications: Minimum of 8 inches of hair, clean and dry, no dyes, bleaches or chemicals and no more than 5% gray. It takes at least 8-15 pony tails to make a wig.

Locks of Love. Probably one of the most popular donation organizations! Originally partnered with a for-profit wig retailer, Locks of Love became and independent charitable organization in 1997. Their focus remains today on helping financially disadvantaged children who are suffering from long-term hair loss due to any medical condition. Locks of Love also offers volunteer programs for both individuals and groups such as girl & boy scouts and school service clubs to give others a way to lend a hand in building self esteem to children.

Specifications: Minimum of 10 inches of hair. Must be clean and dry. Colored and permed hair is acceptable, but bleached hair is not. Takes 6-10 ponytails to make a wig.

Many people think donating means chopping off – this is not true! Depending on your length, there are endless possibilities for different updated, chic styles. Some of our favorites are the disconnected pixie cut or the inverted bob. Pixies don’t always have to be edgy—whether a client’s hair is straight, curly, fine or thick, a pixie cut done right can offer a soft and feminine end result. And, a great bob is a classic that’s always in style.

Adore’s Pinterest page is loaded with ideas for cute cuts. Long, short, soft or edgy – we have it pinned. Please visit to get some fresh ideas and give us a call to find the perfect stylist for your charitable cause! And remember if you have cold feet we can always set up a consultation first. Make 2018 yours in style.

With Love, adorehairstudio

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