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Ahhh fall!  Our favorite season.  At this time in the summer we are all tired of sunscreen, tank tops, and the awful humidity here in Atlanta.  With only a few more weeks of summer left – here’s a sneak peek into some of our favorite fashion trends that are headed our way.

Warm Power Colors and Camouflage. To go along with this season’s vintage styles, warm power colors such as chocolate brown and burgundy are coming together to remind us of our fav’s from 70’s combined with a high fashion vibe. This color combo works well with plaids, and slim button up skirts. Camouflage prints are the perfect way to bring vintage into the modern era.

Americana Vintage. Think – weathered flannels from your ex that you still wear only because they’re so soft and fit like it was made for you. Now imagine a fresh blow out, and a red lip to go with that flannel. Now, picture yourself walking confidently wearing a head scarf, high-wasted jeans and kitten heels—SO fun.

Fringe + Military Jackets. How fun is moving fashion? Fringe is still here this season, showing up in accessories, shoes, and clothing. Fringe is the perfect way to balance both feminine and masculine fashion and we are also seeing patchwork finishes on clothing.  And, we hear military jackets are the new bombers.

“Millennial” Pink + Political T-Shirts. In shades of whisper light blush to 80’s electric pink, the new term “Millennial Pink” refers to a spectrum of shades of pink.  The key here is that pink is not to be interpreted as girly or overtly feminine – just the opposite. Best paired with “borrowed from the boys” fashion such as a leather legging or frayed jean, these pink hues are meant to blur the lines of gender specific clothing. And, a political t shirt thrown in the mix adds a touch of personality. Apparently speaking your mind is VERY in this season – and we love it.

Men’s Wear + Well Tailored Suits. A well-tailored suit is ALWAYS in fashion and we are seeing longer blazers with fitted pants.  Lots of skirts in men’s wear patterns were seen on the runway for fall.  Button-up high wasted bottoms and cigarette pants are also a favorite.

Furs, Shearling, Leathers, and Capes. Think texture.  Colorful, teddy bear-like furs are in. An air of sophistication, a layer of totality.  A leopard print cape, or a chocolate brown fur shearling can be the exact pop of color a sleek outfit needs. Want to keep it faux?  We get it.  Vegan fashion works well in any season.

Formal Velvet + Metallic. Velvet and/or metallic dresses, are a gift to those of us with fall wedding dreams. A perfect balance of class with just enough attention drawn. This look works best in jewel tones, with exposed collar bones.  Not so formal? Try a velvet legging or a metallic accessory to bring your look up to speed.

Slouchy Boots + Platform Shoes. Shoes can easily make or break an outfit. And, slouchy boots absolutely dominated the runway this season!  The fall runways headed toward looser-fitting styles, either slouched at the ankle or throughout the whole boot. Another fun shoe that’s following us into the fall is the platform and the beautiful thing about platforms is they can come in such variation. From heels to wedges and boots, platforms add height and edge.

We encourage you to have fun with some of these old and new trends.  If a pink faux fur isn’t your speed, opt for an over-sized plaid flannel paired with an animal friendly legging and a slouchy boot.  Whatever you choose, just remember to rock it.




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