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Now more then ever we are often reminded of the important role of eyebrows!  And no, we do not mean to keep dust and sweat out of your eyes! We love how they can frame not only your eyes but help accentuate your whole face.
Fuller brows create structure, both your face and eyes and can draw attention upwards instead of below where under eye circles and fine lines can be.  Eyebrows can bring praise to your good features, and more importantly draw away from your bad ones.
If you don’t have naturally full, even, perfectly arched brows, then fake it until you make it.  This is easy nowadays with so many products on the market.  There is everything from growth simulating serums, to brow gels, pencils, powders, eyebrow extensions, and of course one of our personal favorites, eyebrow tinting!
Eyebrows should be customized to each individual client, depending on face shape, eye shape, color and texture.   Well groomed brows are essential and it is important to see someone that knows how to make eyebrows symmetrical.
Last tip- Do not tweeze yourself, YOU are viewing too close and have the wrong depth perception of how your eyebrow shape truly looks.
Jessica Marie, our New Eyebrow and Make-up Specialist at adore Inman Park would enjoy making your eyebrows just perfect.  Please call 404 522-0336 to book with her, You’ll thank us later. 

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