A Day In The Life

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Ever wonder what it’s like – the life behind the chair? After hours of slaying hair, how does your stylist wind down and settle back into his or her own personal life.

This month we’ve decided to interview one of our fab stylists, Nichole, and give you a chance to dig in and experience the life of a stylist.


What’s your sign?

“Capricorn/ Aquarius. I’m right on the cuff, and to be completely honest I’m a bit of both.”

What’s your ultimate pet peeve?

“Behind the chair? Someone moving around a lot. Sit still! I’ve got sharp objects here!”

“In life? A mess.”

What’s your favorite season?

“Fall. Nothing better than cool air and coffee with a book.  Ah, so dreamy.”

Any hobbies?

“Yoga. Soaking in sun rays with the pup and the hubby.  Wait, do beach trips count as a hobby?? I guess just being outside with a book and some iced coffee. Okay, you get it – I love books and coffee.”

Favorite food?

“Anything pickled, sushi, and oranges.”

What your personal Go-To style?

“Hair, I keep it real simple. Natural wave and some soft texture spray.  Fashion – Love a comfy T and jeans. The theme for my life is just plain simple.”

Where do you find your inspiration?

“The streets. For both hair and fashion.”

Favorite show/movie/ book?

“Show? Right now, Game of Thrones. I know.. I’m late.”

“As far as movies, basically anything made in the 80’s.”

“Books – whatever. But, it has to catch my attention within the first chapter.”

What’s your hair education background?

“I graduated from Aveda, and then moved on to work for Van Michael Salon which was a great learning opportunity. But, most of my skill is self-taught and I’ve taken A LOT of education classes. I’m a visual learner so I love to see things first hand or be able to watch them online.”

How do you feel about being in hair industry in Atlanta?

“Atlanta is such a creatively progressive city, and this industry is very women driven and supportive. It can be very competitive, but in a positive and motivating way. It’s feels empowering to take a look around and feel enriched by the power of other stylists at adore and in other Atlanta salons.”

What inspired you to get into hair in the first place?

“Purely the unlimited creativity and absolute freedom of working for yourself and doing what you love. Who wouldn’t want that?”

How do you keep yourself spiritually balanced?

“This is a GO GO GO industry so I have to remember to keep up with my “me” time. Yoga is REALLY beneficial to not just my mental wellness but my physical wellness too.”

Why Adore vs another salon?

“I love the artistic vibe I get from my co-workers here. You’ve got to surround yourself with that to always stay moving forward in this business and we have a truly impressive variety of talent here.”

Your go-to products and tools of the trade?

“I love the classics. All I need is my trusty Wet Brush and my Hot Tools wand (1 ¼ inch to be specific) and I’m good to go.  BUMBLE AND BUMBLE DRY SPUN! I cannot stress my obsession for Dry Spun enough. I may need it more than coffee. Okay, maybe I don’t mean that.”


Nicole Abad works out of our Inman Park Studio, get to know her–you’ll love her as much as we do.

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